Goodbye, Farewell: A Comprehensive Compilation of High Street Shops and Restaurants Set to Close in the Upcoming Week


Could Your Local Establishment Be Among Them?

Next week, several prominent high street chains and restaurants are bracing themselves for permanent closures as they navigate the challenging landscape. The adverse effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on these retailers, while consumers, grappling with skyrocketing inflation, are increasingly curbing their spending habits.

Unfavourable economic climate for retailers 

As households experience the strain of rising prices, their disposable incomes shrink, resulting in reduced spending capacity. Unfortunately, this economic climate spells trouble for shops, restaurants, and pubs alike. The burden is further compounded by surging energy costs and a significant shift towards online shopping, adding to the challenges faced by high street establishments. Many retailers have found it difficult to sustain their operations under these circumstances.

While some renowned retailers have made the difficult decision to close select branches, others have sadly vanished from the high street permanently. However, amidst the prevailing sense of uncertainty, there are glimmers of hope. Retailers such as Poundland and Superdrug have unveiled ambitious plans to open numerous new stores, injecting optimism into the industry.

In the following week, a number of chains will be closing branches, including Iceland and Frankie and Benny’s. These closures reflect the ongoing struggles faced by businesses in the current economic climate.

Lidl Takes Strategic Step: Two Stores Set to Close This Weekend, But Expansion Plans on the Horizon

In a strategic move, renowned discount supermarket chain Lidl is preparing to close two of its stores this weekend, signaling a shift in its operations. The affected branches, situated on Sturry Road in Canterbury and Forton Road in Gosport, are slated to shut their doors on Sunday, May 28. The decision stems from the deteriorating condition of the buildings, with company executives deeming them unsuitable for their intended purpose.

However, Lidl is committed to ensuring the well-being of its dedicated workforce. All employees affected by the closures will be provided with alternative employment opportunities at other Lidl locations, safeguarding their livelihoods during this transition.

Amidst this restructuring, Lidl enthusiasts need not despair, as the discount retailer has ambitious plans for expansion. The company is actively exploring potential locations to establish hundreds of new stores across the UK. These potential sites encompass a diverse range of settings, including high streets, standalone units, mixed-use areas, and shopping centers. This move demonstrates Lidl’s ongoing commitment to enhancing accessibility and catering to the growing demands of its customer base.

As the retail landscape evolves, Lidl remains steadfast in its mission to provide quality products at affordable prices, ensuring convenience and value for its loyal shoppers.

Iceland Announces Further Store Closures, Leaving Shoppers Disappointed

Iceland, the renowned supermarket chain, continues to face a series of store closures this year, leaving shoppers in various locations disheartened. Following the closure of more than half a dozen shops already, the Flint branch in Wales will be the next to bid farewell to its customers on Saturday, May 27. This closure comes in the wake of earlier permanent shutdowns in Bromsgrove, Basingstoke, and Rhyl.

Unfortunately, the list of closures doesn’t end there. On June 17, Iceland’s Beccles store in Suffolk will also shut its doors for good, further impacting local shoppers. These closures reflect the challenges faced by the retail industry, particularly in light of changing consumer preferences and increased competition.

Currently, Iceland operates approximately 500 branches across the UK, along with 153 Food Warehouse stores. While the recent closures have brought disappointment, Iceland traditionally opens more than 20 new stores each year, exemplifying the company’s commitment to growth and expansion. In the past year alone, Iceland has successfully launched 24 new stores, bringing its unique offerings to new communities.

While store closures can be disheartening, Iceland remains dedicated to serving its customers and adapting to the evolving retail landscape. As the company continues to navigate these changes, its focus on providing quality products and a seamless shopping experience remains unwavering.

Lloyds Pharmacy Initiates Closure of Branches in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

Lloyds Pharmacy, a prominent healthcare provider, is set to commence the closure of several chemists located within Sainsbury’s supermarkets starting next week. As part of this plan, the branch situated in Sainsbury’s on Civic Way in Swadlincote will cease operations on May 30. Subsequent closures are scheduled for June and July, affecting Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Chesterfield, Kidlington, and Gloucester.

This move comes as Lloyds Pharmacy previously announced its intention to close 237 of its pharmacies within Sainsbury’s supermarkets by the end of the year. Furthermore, the company had already shuttered 76 stores in 2022 as part of its strategic restructuring efforts.

While the closures are undoubtedly significant, Lloyds Pharmacy remains committed to providing accessible healthcare services to communities across the UK. The company continues to operate numerous pharmacies nationwide, focusing on delivering high-quality care and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

As the healthcare industry undergoes transformation, Lloyds Pharmacy seeks to adapt and innovate, ensuring its services remain accessible and convenient for all.

Closure Continues: Boots to Shut London Branch, Redeploying Staff to Nearby Stores

Boots, a well-known retail pharmacy chain, is poised to close another one of its branches as part of its ongoing consolidation efforts. The Boots store located on King William Street in London is scheduled to permanently shut its doors on June 2. However, in a positive move, all team members from the affected store have been reassigned to other nearby Boots locations, ensuring their continued employment within the company.

This closure comes in the wake of several recent shutdowns by Boots earlier this spring. Among the stores that bid farewell to customers were branches in Manchester, Malvern, and Ellsmere. The closures reflect Boots’ strategic approach to optimizing its store network and adjusting its operations to align with changing consumer behaviors and market dynamics.

While the closure of individual branches may be disappointing to some customers, Boots remains committed to delivering accessible healthcare and beauty services across the UK. The company continues to operate numerous stores nationwide, ensuring that customers have convenient access to its wide range of products and expert advice.

As Boots navigates these changes, it remains focused on its mission of supporting the health and well-being of its customers, offering innovative solutions, and maintaining its trusted reputation in the retail pharmacy industry.


Frankie and Benny’s Announces Closure of 12 Restaurants, Continuing Restructuring Efforts

Frankie and Benny’s, a popular restaurant chain owned by The Restaurant Group (TRG), is set to permanently close 12 of its locations as part of the company’s strategic restructuring plan. The closures, confirmed by TRG to The Sun earlier this week, will take effect on Sunday, May 27. This follows the recent closure of six branches earlier this month, including restaurants in Blackpool, Tamworth, and Chesterfield.

The 12 Frankie and Benny’s restaurants scheduled for closure on Saturday are as follows:

  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham – Plaza
  • Carmarthen
  • Eastleigh
  • Feltham
  • Leeds
  • Lenton
  • Livingston
  • Norwich – Riverside
  • Peterborough
  • Peterborough – Pavilions West
  • Taplow

In addition to the Frankie and Benny’s closures, four Chiquito restaurants and a single Firejacks location will also cease operations this weekend. The Chiquito restaurants closing this weekend are in Leeds, Lenton, Peterborough, and Rochester.

These closures are part of TRG’s efforts to address financial challenges and optimize its portfolio. The company aims to focus on sustainable growth and profitability by strategically evaluating and streamlining its restaurant offerings. While closures can be disappointing for both customers and staff, TRG remains committed to its remaining restaurants and providing a high-quality dining experience.

As TRG continues its restructuring journey, it remains dedicated to delivering excellent service and delicious food in its remaining Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito, and Firejacks locations across the UK.


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