15 Years Later, I Explored Christian B’s ‘Paradise’ Lake in My Maddie Investigation – The Odds of Finding Her Now Seem Like a Miracle


15 Years Ago, a Legal Professional Disclosed Inside Information on the Portugal Dam Linked to the Ongoing Madeleine McCann Investigation.

Marcos Aragao Correia Orchestrated the Initial Underwater Exploration of Arade Dam in Silves – A Mere 45-Minute Drive from Praia da Luz, the Site of Maddie’s Disappearance in 2007.

 Lawyer Expresses Frustration as Police Resume Search at Portugal Dam, Ignoring His Previous Tip-off

In a candid conversation, the disillusioned lawyer breaks his silence following the renewed investigation, revealing how he was “disregarded” by authorities during the initial stages. With Portuguese and German police returning to the scene, he shares his hope for a breakthrough in the case while acknowledging that locating Maddie would require nothing short of a “miracle.”

The 47-year-old, known as Mr. Correia, discloses that he received a tip-off from a shadowy contact within the “underworld” who divulged information about Maddie’s alleged disposal in a secluded lake with murky depths. Driven by his determination, he took charge of assembling a team of British divers for a privately funded search in the desolate reservoir, which plummets to depths of up to 150 feet. Unfortunately, the operation hit a financial roadblock in 2008, leaving their efforts unfinished.

Now, with the renewed attention on the dam, the lawyer’s frustration resurfaces as he reflects on the past, hopeful that the case will finally be resolved. However, he remains realistic about the challenges ahead, recognizing the immense difficulty in locating Maddie after all these years.

Startling Discoveries by Divers: Suspicious Items Unearthed at Portugal Dam as Official Investigation Begins

During the privately funded dive operation led by Mr. Correia, divers made an intriguing find, stumbling upon a 17-foot length of cord and several strips of tape. Although these discoveries raised suspicions, it is important to note that the operation was never officially linked to the Madeleine McCann investigation. Today’s joint search conducted by Portuguese and German authorities marks the first official exploration of these waters.

Recalling the clues he received in the aftermath of Madeleine’s disappearance, Mr. Correia discloses a chilling theory: the indications pointed to a harrowing sequence of events involving kidnapping, rape, and murder, culminating in her body being discarded in an Algarve lake. Despite his efforts, he laments being disregarded by the Portuguese authorities, which compelled him to take on the case single-handedly. Motivated by a sense of justice, he conducted the investigation pro bono, relying on generous donations to fund his relentless pursuit of truth.

The recent joint search signifies a significant turning point, as law enforcement agencies finally recognize the importance of exploring the waters where the suspicious items were initially found. With new resources and official support, hopes for progress in the Madeleine McCann case are reignited, offering a glimmer of optimism in the long-standing quest for answers.

Portuguese Lawyer Criticizes Authorities and Reflects on Connection Between Maddie McCann and Joana Cipriano Cases

Mr. Correia, having meticulously narrowed down potential lakes in the region, identified the Arade Dam as a promising location for further investigation. Despite hiring a private company of divers from the Algarve to conduct searches in the lake, he laments the lack of support from the Portuguese police, despite his explicit requests for assistance.

“Our resources were severely limited, and the budget I had allocated quickly depleted, forcing us to halt the search just a few days later,” he revealed. Nonetheless, the search yielded unsettling discoveries, including ropes entangled with heavy stones, arousing suspicions of foul play.

Now residing on the island of Madeira and retired from his legal career, Mr. Correia has shifted his focus to academia and cherishing time with his family. Yet, he remains highly critical of the Portuguese authorities’ handling of the Madeleine McCann case. In his eyes, the abandonment by the state, coupled with the unjust persecution of her innocent parents, serves as a glaring example of the state’s inability to protect children in times of crisis.

Expressing a sense of resignation, Mr. Correia asserts that, after 16 years, the likelihood of locating Madeleine McCann’s remains now depends on nothing short of a miracle. With these poignant words, he concludes his statement on the matter.

Following his involvement in the Maddie McCann case, Mr. Correia turned his attention to the murder of Joana Cipriano, an eight-year-old girl who went missing on the Algarve, just seven miles away from Praia da Luz, three years prior to Maddie’s disappearance. The investigation into Joana’s disappearance was led by Chief Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who also played a prominent role in the Maddie case. During the initial investigation in 2004, Portuguese authorities concluded that Joana’s mother, Leonor, and uncle, Joao, were responsible for her death.

The geographic proximity of Maddie and Joana’s cases, as well as the high-profile media campaigns to find both missing children, have often drawn connections between the two, contributing to the enduring intrigue surrounding these heart-wrenching disappearances.


Mr. Correia’s Deep Connection: Naming His Children in Honor of Joana and Madeleine

The profound impact of the Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann cases on Mr. Correia’s life is evident in his choice to name two of his children after these missing girls, with his youngest daughter being named Madelena. This heartfelt gesture serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication and determination to seek justice for them.

During his initial search efforts, Mr. Correia collaborated with Julian Peribanez, a private investigator who had previously worked with the investigative firm Metodo 3, hired by the McCanns. However, Peribanez remains skeptical about the focus on Christian B as the prime suspect, expressing his belief that Madeleine’s abduction was orchestrated by a criminal group rather than a lone individual.

Peribanez asserts, “As long as no one proves to me otherwise, Madeleine is still alive, and I would like the authorities to direct their investigations toward that possibility rather than focusing solely on finding her deceased. I, for one, continue to work diligently in the hope of finding her alive.”

Despite German authorities firmly declaring Christian B as the sole suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, alleging that he abducted and killed her after snatching her from the Ocean Club, Christian B has consistently maintained his innocence. It is believed that Christian B led a transient lifestyle, residing in a VW van and sustaining himself by engaging in burglary activities targeting holiday apartments in the vicinity of Praia da Luz during the time of Maddie’s disappearance.

The complexities surrounding the investigation, differing viewpoints, and the persistent hope for a positive outcome continue to shape the ongoing pursuit for the truth behind Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Madeleine went missing when she was just three. Christian B was named as the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Mysterious Disappearance Prompts Intensive Search Operation at Arade Dam

In a remarkable turn of events, police activity at Arade Dam near Silves reached new heights yesterday, as officers erected tents and meticulously combed the shoreline in search of vital clues. The search has been met with favorable conditions, courtesy of a local drought that has caused a significant decrease in the dam’s water level.

The scene at Arade Dam on Tuesday morning was nothing short of captivating as police divers fearlessly delved into the depths of the water. Their expertise and dedication were on full display as they conducted a thorough search in the hopes of uncovering essential evidence. To augment the operation, a police motorboat, expertly manned by two officers, was deployed onto the waters of the dam.

Arade Dam, known for its remote location and access limited to a rugged dirt road, encompasses an atmosphere of desolation. Nestled in the heart of a barren landscape, the area adds an air of mystery to the unfolding investigation.

While the exact catalyst for this intensified search remains shrouded in secrecy, sources close to the case disclosed a tantalizing detail. It is believed that Christian B, an individual of interest, regarded the dam as his personal “little paradise.” Witnesses attest to his frequent presence in the area, often catching sight of him lingering near a dilapidated hilltop diner, seeking solace amidst the stark surroundings.

As the search at Arade Dam continues, authorities remain tight-lipped about the nature of the evidence that sparked this renewed effort. The public eagerly awaits further updates on this intriguing case, hoping that the enigma surrounding Christian B’s connection to the dam will soon be unraveled.


Intensive Search Operation Launched at Arade Dam, with Potential International Collaboration

In a compelling development, new information has emerged regarding Christian B’s connections to the vicinity of Arade Dam. The reservoir is strategically positioned between Praia da Luz, where he would park his dilapidated camper van, and a villa he frequented in Foral. Sources close to the investigation revealed that Christian B had a residence located approximately 12 miles from the dam, underscoring his familiarity with the area.

The search operation at Arade Dam has garnered international attention, with British and German authorities potentially joining forces with local law enforcement. British authorities, including Scotland Yard detectives, are closely monitoring the situation. Additionally, it is anticipated that criminal science experts will lend their expertise to the operation, which is expected to primarily focus on the land surrounding the dam. However, due to the current shallow water levels resulting from a drought, a portion of the search may also take place in the dam’s waters.

This endeavor marks a significant milestone in Portugal, as it represents the first major operation of its kind since June 2014. Previously, British police had been granted permission to conduct searches utilizing sniffer dogs trained in detecting human remains and ground-penetrating radar in Praia da Luz. Meanwhile, German authorities have been engaged in a longstanding investigation into Christian B, albeit progress has been gradual, with recent assurances that “nothing had changed.”

As the search operation unfolds, Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of Madeleine McCann, are expected to receive regular updates through Scotland Yard liaison officers. The couple’s involvement underscores the potential significance of any discoveries resulting from this renewed effort. The search is slated to continue for a minimum of two days, with the possibility of an extension should any pertinent findings arise.


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