Insiders from “This Morning” confirm the united front as Phillip Schofield is set to make his highly anticipated return to the show alongside Holly Willoughby tomorrow


In a surprising turn of events, Phillip Schofield is all set to make his triumphant comeback on tomorrow’s episode of This Morning, alongside his esteemed co-host Holly Willoughby. Speculations were rife about his return after reports surfaced of a possible rift between the two. However, it seems that the doubts can now be put to rest as Schofield prepares to grace our screens once again. The anticipation among viewers is palpable, as they eagerly await the dynamic duo’s reunion on the beloved morning show.

In an exclusive revelation to The Sun, a trusted insider from the show has disclosed that Phillip Schofield is set to make a much-anticipated return to the screen, sharing the spotlight once again with his esteemed co-host, Holly Willoughby.

Last week, The Sun broke the news of a fallout between the two, and insiders have since confirmed that they had begun to drift apart, raising concerns among fans and industry insiders alike.

Adding a surprising twist to the unfolding narrative, Schofield took the initiative to address the situation publicly. In a statement given exclusively to The Sun, he referred to Willoughby as his “best friend,” leaving her completely caught off guard by the unexpected declaration.

However, today’s update from The Sun reveals that the duo has made a significant decision. They have chosen to turn their backs on peace talks and are displaying a resolute determination to forge ahead together, leaving behind the past differences that had threatened to strain their professional relationship.

With this development, fans and viewers are eagerly awaiting their reunion on-screen, as Schofield and Willoughby make a steadfast commitment to move forward and recapture the chemistry that has made them a beloved duo on the show.

Amidst the ongoing saga surrounding the fallout between This Morning presenters, an orchestrated effort has been made to quash any speculations of mediation sessions. Both ITV and representatives for Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have vehemently denied any plans for such sessions, making it abundantly clear that external assistance will not be sought.

A show source, who spoke to The Sun on Sunday, further revealed that the window of opportunity for outside help has now closed, emphasizing that it would be “too late” to engage in any form of mediation. The decision to forego external intervention suggests a firm stance taken by all parties involved, indicating a determination to handle the situation internally.

As the drama continues to unfold, viewers and industry insiders alike are left to ponder the future dynamics of the popular morning show, as the absence of mediation leaves the resolution of their differences solely in the hands of the presenters themselves.

Expressing deep concerns about the state of their working relationship, the aforementioned source has revealed that there are worries it has irreversibly broken down. In a startling revelation, the source stated, “Holly just wants Phil gone,” indicating a significant strain between the two presenters.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

The situation has reached a critical point where even the continuity of the show itself was in question. This Morning, in an unexpected move, refused to provide confirmation on Friday regarding the scheduled broadcast of Monday’s episode, adding a sense of uncertainty and intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

As fans and industry insiders await further updates, the tension surrounding the show continues to escalate. The revelation of Holly’s alleged desire for Phil’s departure has undoubtedly added fuel to the fire, leaving many wondering about the future of their on-screen partnership and the potential ramifications for the popular morning show.

The upcoming week’s schedule for This Morning remains uncertain as ITV remains tight-lipped regarding the presence of both Phil and Holly on the show. Reports of behind-the-scenes “crisis talks” have emerged, suggesting a potentially tumultuous situation.

The once-close duo, Phil and Holly, who typically grace the show’s sofa from Monday to Thursday, have allegedly grown distant in recent months, leading to rumors of a fallout. Their last joint appearance was on Thursday morning’s episode, where a body language expert observed an apparent discomfort between them, describing their interactions as “painfully uncomfortable.” A particular moment during the show involved an awkward dance to Lulu’s “Boom Bang A Bang,” which garnered attention and comments from viewers on social media.

Adding to the unfolding drama, on Thursday night, Phil surprised many by issuing a statement to The Sun, openly acknowledging that “things haven’t been easy” amid swirling rumors of a rift between him and Holly. The statement further fueled speculations and intensified interest in the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the popular morning show.

As fans anxiously await further updates, the uncertainty surrounding the show’s next week’s schedule and the evolving narrative between the two presenters continue to captivate attention and speculation.

Following the statement issued by Phillip Schofield to The Sun, reports have surfaced detailing Holly’s reaction, with sources suggesting that she was completely caught off guard and felt a sense of betrayal and deep upset.

Insiders from the show have shed light on the “shocking” atmosphere that now permeates behind the scenes in the aftermath of the fallout. According to these sources, the working environment has taken a significant hit, with a noticeable shift in dynamics between the two presenters. Once characterized by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the lack of communication and conversation between them off-camera is a stark departure from the past.

The sources further reveal a clear divide among the team, with Holly expressing a desire to remain on the show while a significant portion of the team reportedly supports the notion of Phillip’s departure. The OK resulting working environment is described as unpleasant, a far cry from the fun and camaraderie that once defined their relationship as friends.

As the fallout continues to unfold, the stark contrast between the current atmosphere and the previously enjoyable working environment highlights the magnitude of the situation and the impact it has had on both the presenters and the show as a whole.


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