Embark on a Magical Journey: Get a Sneak Peek at the Spectacular New Thomas The Tank Engine Ride Coming to Drayton Manor!


Drayton Manor, renowned for its family-friendly attractions, is gearing up for an exciting addition to its lineup. Set to debut later this week, the brand new Thomas The Tank Engine ride promises an extraordinary experience for visitors of all ages. As a remarkable milestone, this thrilling attraction coincides with the 15th anniversary of Thomas Land, adding an extra layer of celebration to the occasion.

Designed to captivate the imagination and bring the beloved characters to life, the new Thomas The Tank Engine ride is set to transport guests into a world of wonder and adventure. With its meticulously crafted landscapes, vibrant colors, and attention to detail, the ride promises an immersive escapade that will leave lasting memories.

As families embark on this thrilling voyage, they can expect to encounter familiar faces along the way. Thomas, the cheerful blue engine, will be leading the charge, accompanied by his beloved friends, Percy, James, and many others. The ride will take passengers through stunning vistas, bustling railway stations, and even a glimpse into the whimsical Island of Sodor.

Drayton Manor is pulling out all the stops to ensure that this new addition lives up to its reputation as a must-visit destination for Thomas enthusiasts. From the meticulously designed ride vehicles to the interactive elements that allow riders to feel like true railway adventurers, every aspect has been carefully curated to provide an unforgettable experience.

As visitors embark on this splashtastic journey, they will find themselves joining forces with Thomas and Percy to ensure the successful delivery of the ride to its final destination. The flume ride features two miniature drops, adding an extra element of excitement as riders experience the exhilarating splashes and thrills. With the assistance of Thomas and Percy, riders become an integral part of the delivery team, making this experience truly immersive and engaging.

While enjoying the ride, guests will also have the opportunity to encounter other beloved characters from the enchanting world of Thomas & Friends. It’s a chance to see familiar faces, share in their adventures, and create cherished memories in the vibrant and captivating setting of Thomas Land.

Drayton Manor Resort is abuzz with excitement as Victoria Lynn, the Managing Director, shares her enthusiasm for the significant milestone and the arrival of Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash. Lynn states, “The arrival of Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash ride is an exciting milestone for Thomas Land as it celebrates its 15th Anniversary.” This latest addition exemplifies Drayton Manor Resort’s unwavering dedication to offering innovative and immersive experiences for families and passionate fans of Thomas the Tank Engine.

The anticipation is palpable, spreading throughout the Midlands and beyond, as Thomas enthusiasts prepare to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Thomas Land. The recent introduction of Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash presents fans of all ages with an opportunity to embark on immersive adventures alongside their beloved Thomas & Friends characters, transcending the boundaries of land, air, and sea.

Drayton Manor Resort continues to solidify its commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment by introducing this captivating new ride. Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash adds yet another layer of excitement and adventure to the already beloved Thomas Land, enticing visitors with immersive experiences that will create lasting memories.

Julie Freeland, Senior Director at Mattel, joins the chorus of excitement as she shares her enthusiasm for the latest addition to Thomas Land. She exclaims, “With the addition of Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash, Thomas fans will be able to partake in even more immersive adventures with their favorite Thomas & Friends characters whether by land, air, or sea.” This new attraction enriches the already remarkable array of over 25 Thomas-themed rides and attractions in Thomas Land, including beloved favorites like the Troublesome Trucks Runway Coaster and James & the Red Balloon.


Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park

Freeland’s words highlight the essence of this captivating experience. Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine can now indulge in even more thrilling and immersive adventures alongside their cherished characters. Whether exploring the tracks, soaring through the air, or now venturing into the depths of the sea, the possibilities for enchanting escapades are endless.

With Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash as the latest addition, Drayton Manor’s Thomas Land continues to evolve, offering a diverse range of attractions that cater to the imaginations of visitors of all ages. The park has curated an extraordinary collection of rides and experiences that bring the magic of Thomas and his friends to life in remarkable ways.

As visitors explore Thomas Land, they will also have the delightful opportunity to meet Thomas the Tank Engine himself. Young parkgoers will be captivated as they wander through the enchanting surroundings, creating magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Drayton Manor’s commitment to providing an immersive and exciting experience for Thomas fans is evident in the continuous expansion and enhancements of Thomas Land. Thomas & Percy’s Submarine Splash offers another thrilling chapter in the journey, inviting fans to dive into a world of adventure alongside their beloved characters.

Drayton Manor offers an adventure-filled experience for all ages, with tickets starting at £30 for individuals aged four and above. This ticket grants access not only to the renowned Thomas Land but also to other areas of the theme park, ensuring a day full of excitement and thrills.

For an even more immersive stay, guests have the option to book the Thomas the Tank Engine Room, a specially themed hotel room that captures the essence of the beloved character. This unique accommodation includes delightful extras such as a Character breakfast and a complimentary Thomas & Friends goody bag, making it an irresistible choice for young fans.

However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Drayton Manor isn’t the only theme park unveiling new attractions this year. Chessington World of Adventures Resort has given us a glimpse of their highly-anticipated Jumanji land, where visitors can indulge in thrilling rides and delicious themed food. This enticing addition is sure to captivate the imagination of adventure-seekers and fans of the popular franchise.

Moreover, it seems that the UK will soon be home to a new and ambitious theme park project, often dubbed the “UK Disneyland.” After scaling back plans last year, the eagerly awaited opening is now scheduled for 2025. With grand visions and ambitious aspirations, this upcoming theme park aims to provide a magical and immersive experience for visitors, reminiscent of the renowned Disneyland.


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