Jason Momoa ‘Doesn’t Think’ Of Himself As A Celebrity (Even Though He Had To Hire The Hell’s Angels For Security During Fast X Filming)


Jason Momoa is a huge star but he says he doesn’t think of himself that way.

Jason Momoa has been part of some of the biggest franchises in TV and film. He’s Aquaman on the big screen. He’s set to play the villain in Fast X, a movie that will probably make a billion dollars at the global box. Office. He’s a huge star, but it turns out Momoa himself doesn’t see himself that way, even if he occasionally needs to hire the Hells Angels in order to get any privacy.

Jason Momoa is a celebrity. That’s not really a topic up for debate. He’s a big movie star, and more recently he’s even done something that other big names, like Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have done, by launching his own alcohol label, the Vodka brand Meili. However, speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Momoa says that he doesn’t believe he has changed as a person since before his star took off. The actor explained…
I don’t even think of myself as a celebrity. It’s always very awkward to me. It’s very weird. If you knew me, you’re just like, ‘Oh, this is Momoa.’ I’m the exact same person I was before I got into this g— industry. The world puts you in that position.
Momoa indicates that whatever elements of “celebrity” life are part of his existence today are due to the position that the world has put him in, and as far as that goes, he may not be wrong. We’ve certainly seen Momoa go to extremes that are not available to average people, like the time he hired the Hells Angels to act as security while he was filming Fast X. But in that case, Mamoa was trying to avoid paparazzi, and that’s certainly something that us normal people don’t usually have to worry about.
In recent years we’ve seen a lot of celebrities attempt to take back some of their own privacy that the celebrity life has largely taken from them. Numerous stars have moved out of Hollywood to other places looking for a significant change in lifestyle, including more privacy. Jason Momoa has always been somebody who clearly took his privacy seriously. While his separation from Lisa Bonet was a very public story the details since then have been protected.
If Jason Momoa is uncomfortable as a celebrity, that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon, but that means he should probably get used to being uncomfortable for the next few months. Momoa will co-star in the next Fast & Furious movie later this month and based on everything we know about Fast X, it’s likely to be as big a global hit as the more recent films in the franchise.

On top of that, Momoa will star in the sequel to Aquaman later this year, and the original film grossed $1 billion worldwide, so Momoa could end up being the highest-grossing movie star in all of 2023.

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