Mae Muller suffers a devastating Eurovision loss on home turf while Sweden emerges victorious – Fans cry foul over the outcome


Heartbreak for EUROVISION fans as Mae Muller endures a crushing loss to Sweden in a humiliating defeat. 

The Saturday night’s performance took place at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena, representing Ukraine.

In a thrilling spectacle that spanned over four hours, the stage was set for an epic showdown as 26 countries competed fiercely in hopes of claiming the illustrious Eurovision trophy and the privilege of hosting next year’s edition. Among the standout performers was the incredibly talented 25-year-old artist, Mae Muller, who left the audience spellbound with her mesmerizing rendition of ‘I Wrote A Song,’ serving as the grand finale.

Anticipation reached its peak as Mae took the stage, benefitting from the coveted position as the closing act. However, despite her remarkable performance, it was Sweden’s sensational Loreen who emerged triumphant, solidifying her reign as Eurovision champion for the second time. The United Kingdom, unfortunately, faced a disappointing outcome, securing a second-to-last position in the rankings, garnering a mere 24 points, while Sweden soared high with an awe-inspiring total of 583 points.

Despite the outcome, devoted fans have rallied behind Mae, expressing their admiration for her remarkable performance and her representation of the country. However, many have voiced their suspicions, labeling the result as a ‘fix.’

Loreen was the overall champ and scooped the crown

One impassioned fan remarked, “This feels like a blatant fix in favor of celebrating 50 years of ABBA next year.”

Another shared their opinion, stating, “No way, it’s definitely a fix. Finland’s performance was far superior.”

A third supporter expressed their discontent, writing, “Eurovision is clearly rigged. Former winners should not be allowed to compete again, as it is unfair to emerging talents who lack the same level of publicity.”

The discussions surrounding the fairness and transparency of the competition continue to spark debate among fans, as they question the integrity of the Eurovision results.

Adding to the chorus of voices, a fourth commentator expressed their frustration, exclaiming, “This is undoubtedly an absolute fix! Mae, hold your head high and be proud.”

The Eurovision voting process incorporates both viewer votes and the assessments of each country’s jury, which collectively determine the ultimate victor.

Mae made a stunning visual impact, captivating the Liverpool crowd with her choice of a see-through corset ensemble.

Her performance was met with thunderous applause as she delivered a dynamic show, complete with mesmerizing staging and impeccable choreography.

Unafraid to display her playful nature, Mae’s lively personality shone through as she directed a series of whimsical expressions towards the camera, clearly relishing every moment onstage.

The Eurovision Song Contest kicked off with a spectacular collaboration that included a surprise appearance by the Princess of Wales.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, contributed a pre-recorded instrumental piece, which was captured at Windsor Castle earlier this month.

Graham Norton took on the role of commentator for the event, co-hosting alongside Hannah Waddringham, Julia Sanina, and Alesha Dixon.

However, some viewers expressed frustration to the BBC, as they found it difficult to hear Graham Norton’s commentary. Complaints emerged that the voices of Graham, 60, and Mel Giedroyc were being overshadowed for those watching from home.

In a heartwarming moment, the show also featured performances of five tracks synonymous with Liverpool. Fans were thrilled when they recognized familiar faces who joined forces to deliver a stirring rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

The stage came alive with the presence of past Eurovision contestants, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Among the notable performers were Israel’s Netta, the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence, Iceland’s Daði Freyr, Italy’s Mahmood, and Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs.

Adding to the excitement, last year’s Eurovision entry, Sam Ryder, took the stage to showcase his latest release, “Mountain.” The audience was treated to a diverse array of talent, celebrating the incredible musical journey of both current and past participants of the iconic competition.


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