Phillip Schofield’s Incarcerated Brother: A Tale of Redemption and Justice as Victim Overcomes Trauma


Phillip Schofield’s sibling, Timothy Schofield, has been sentenced to prison for despicable acts of child sexual abuse, leaving his victim feeling utterly violated.

At the age of 54, Timothy Schofield committed a series of abhorrent sexual offenses, with the gravest charge being an alleged sex act involving a young boy. The brother of renowned TV personality Phillip Schofield, Timothy Schofield, was found guilty of these disturbing crimes, specifically targeting a teenage victim.

Former Police Officer Receives 12-Year Sentence for Three-Year Spree of Abuse

In a harrowing case that unfolded over a three-year period, a teenage victim endured a series of abuses that have led to significant legal consequences. Today, at Bristol Crown Court, the perpetrator, identified as Schofield, was sentenced to 12 years behind bars. However, he will only serve two-thirds of his sentence before being eligible for release.

Throughout the court proceedings, Schofield remained devoid of any visible emotion as the judge delivered the sentencing. Alongside the prison term, he will also be required to register as a sex offender and is permanently prohibited from working with children and vulnerable adults.

The former civilian police officer had previously faced convictions related to causing a child to witness sexual activity, as well as three charges of engaging in sexual acts in the presence of a child. The severity and duration of the abuses committed have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the victim’s life, highlighting the importance of addressing and preventing such heinous acts in our society.

Found guilty of sexually abusing a child

After five hours of deliberation, a verdict was reached in the trial of the accused, who was found guilty of multiple charges related to sexual offenses against a child. The charges included three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity and two counts of sexual activity with a child.

During the trial, the victim bravely shared an emotional victim impact statement, providing insight into the profound effects of the abuse on his life. He expressed feeling a sense of bitterness and numbness towards life as a result of the traumatic experiences he endured. The abuse created a never-ending cycle of fear and anxiety, which only came to an end when the perpetrator, Schofield, was finally apprehended by the authorities.

The victim further detailed the immense impact the abuse had not only on himself but also on his family and his relationship with his girlfriend. The repercussions of such heinous acts extend far beyond the individual, causing immense pain and suffering to those connected to the victim.

This case highlights the lasting damage caused by acts of sexual abuse, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to protect and support survivors. The victim’s courageous testimony serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking justice for victims and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Behaved like an animal, now the boy is traumatized for life

He expressed further distress, stating, “I felt trampled on. I feel as though I have transformed into someone who no longer expects much from people and how they treat me. Consequently, I have received very little in return.”

Describing the impact of the abuse, he conveyed a profound change in his demeanor, stating, “I feel different now. I am more straightforward, but also more bitter. I have become numb to life. Although I know I should experience extreme emotions like overwhelming happiness or deep sadness, I find myself unable to connect with what has happened.”

He continued to express the enduring torment inflicted upon him, saying, “It feels as though he continues to hurt me and torment my future.”

During the sentencing, Mrs. Justice Cutts strongly condemned Schofield for exploiting the innocence of the victim to fulfill his own sexual desires. The judge rebuked the defendant, stating, “Your thoughts were solely focused on yourself, always on yourself. I have yet to hear a single word of genuine remorse from you, only self-pity.”

The trial at Exeter Crown Court was an emotionally distressing ordeal, as it was revealed that Schofield carried out the abuse while employed as an IT technician for Avon and Somerset Police. The prosecution, represented by Robin Shellard, highlighted that the abusive acts began when the victim was only 13 years old.

Schofield would manipulate the teenager by offering him alcohol, and then proceed to engage in sexual acts. Furthermore, he displayed possessive behavior akin to that of a jealous lover when the victim entered into a romantic relationship.

Philip disowned his brother and supported the injured boy

In September 2021, a distressed Schofield reached out to his well-known brother, Phillip, while in an intense state of agitation. He drove to Phillip’s London home for dinner, and during a moment when the This Morning host was doing the dishes, Schofield uttered words that would shock and disturb his brother. He solemnly said, “You are going to hate me for what I am about to say.”

Phillip, in his written testimony, revealed that he responded to his brother, assuring him that there was nothing he could say that would make him hate him. Schofield proceeded to disclose that he had engaged in inappropriate activities with the young boy, including watching pornography and engaging in masturbation.

Taken aback, Phillip reacted with disbelief, exclaiming, “What did you just say?” Schofield explained that the incident had occurred the previous year when they were alone together. He claimed it was a one-time occurrence and promised it would never happen again. He shared explicit details about the victim’s body, but Phillip interrupted him, demanding that he stop divulging any further information. Phillip firmly expressed his disapproval and instructed his brother to cease his actions, emphasizing that such behavior should never be repeated.

During the trial, the victim testified about feeling emotionally blackmailed and coerced into going along with Schofield’s demands. He described the overwhelming pressure and expectations placed upon him, which left him feeling compelled to participate in the abusive activities.

Schofield, tearfully, asserted that he was pushed to the brink of contemplating suicide. He admitted to watching pornography and masturbating in the presence of the boy, whom he claimed was above the age of 16 at the time. Schofield contended that their actions were consensual and denied engaging in any sexual acts with the teenager. He also revealed that he had identified as gay throughout his entire life.

The jury was informed about Schofield’s search history, which included terms related to “young boy teen sex,” further highlighting the nature of his interests.

During the mitigation phase, Peter Binder characterized Schofield as a shattered individual following his arrest, who has since been serving as a mentor within the prison environment.

In a damning statement after the verdict, Phillip disowned his brother and expressed his unwavering concern for the well-being of the victim and his family. He condemned the crimes committed, welcoming the guilty verdicts. Phillip made it clear that if his brother had ever confessed to such crimes, he would have immediately taken action to protect the victim and their family. Phillip’s final words conveyed a sense of finality, stating that he no longer considered Schofield his brother.


Following his conviction, Schofield was promptly dismissed without notice by Avon and Somerset Police last month. The misconduct hearing was expedited in light of the verdict.


Detective Inspector Keith Smith, the Senior Investigating Officer, commended the victim’s exceptional bravery in disclosing the heinous offenses committed against them. The victim’s unwavering support throughout the police investigation and court proceedings proved invaluable.

Detective Inspector Smith expressed hope that the victim’s courage and determination would inspire other survivors of sexual abuse to come forward and report their experiences to the police, regardless of the time elapsed since the offenses occurred. The statement emphasized that victims would be believed, respected, and assured of the police’s commitment to achieving justice on their behalf.

While emphasizing that the crimes committed by Timothy Schofield were unrelated to his employment, Detective Inspector Smith acknowledged that the fact that Schofield was a member of the police staff would understandably raise concerns among the public. He assured the public that the allegations against Schofield were the first of their kind and that his former colleagues were appalled by the crimes he has now been convicted of.

The statement underscored the police’s unwavering dedication to identifying and addressing individuals who betray the standards and values upheld by the police force. Safeguarding the public’s trust in law enforcement officers and staff remains the foremost priority, and any breach of that trust will be rigorously addressed.


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