Warrior’s Fight Beyond the Screen: Dolph Lundgren’s Courageous Battle Against Cancer and the Shadows of Steroid Use


Unveiling a Hero’s Silent Struggle: Dolph Lundgren, Action Movie Icon, Opens Up About His 8-Year Cancer Battle.

Renowned for his iconic portrayal of Ivan Drago, the formidable foe of Rocky Balboa, Dolph Lundgren has courageously disclosed his ongoing fight against cancer. The Hollywood legend suspects that his past utilization of steroids to amplify his physique may have played a role in the development of the illness.

During an exclusive interview on In Depth with Graham Besinger, the 65-year-old luminary shared the harrowing revelation that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2015.

Following a successful surgery to remove the tumor, Lundgren experienced a period of remission and underwent regular check-ups every six months, maintaining good health throughout 2020.

Recalling the events, the star expressed, “In 2020, while I was in Sweden, I started experiencing some unfamiliar symptoms like acid reflux. Unaware of the cause, I underwent an MRI examination.”

To his dismay, the scan revealed the presence of additional tumors in the vicinity. Lundgren somberly revealed, “They discovered a few more tumors in that area, and to my dismay, one more tumor was detected in my liver. It was a shocking realization.”

In a staggering turn of events, the presence of a lemon-sized tumor in Dolph Lundgren’s liver posed a significant challenge to his health. The prognosis seemed grim, with one doctor soberly informing him that he had a mere two to three years left to live.

Recalling the conversation, Lundgren shared, “I asked them about my life expectancy, and although he mentioned 2-3 years, I could sense from his tone that he believed it could be even shorter. I genuinely believed that was the end.”

Despite the devastating news, Lundgren embraced a sense of acceptance. “I genuinely thought it was the end,” he confessed. “At that point, you reflect on your life and realize that you’ve had an incredibly fulfilling journey. It feels like I’ve lived multiple lifetimes in one. So, I didn’t harbor bitterness about it.”

With remarkable resilience, Dolph Lundgren’s journey unfolds as a testament to defying the odds and finding solace in a life well-lived, even in the face of daunting challenges.

In moments of introspection, Dolph Lundgren embarked on a quest for understanding, delving into his own past for possible explanations.

Sharing his contemplations, he revealed, “I experimented with steroids during the 80s and 90s. While I cannot ascertain if there is a direct link between steroid use and cancer, it did give me pause for thought.”

He continued, “The notion of having made a mistake naturally crossed my mind. There may be a connection between testosterone therapy and the development of cancer.”

Lundgren acknowledged his intermittent use of steroids over a span of approximately ten years, often influenced by the specific demands of his movie roles. The realization prompted him to explore the potential repercussions of these choices.

Dolph Lundgren

In a candid exploration of his past, Dolph Lundgren’s introspective journey serves as a reminder of the complexity of personal decisions and their potential long-term consequences.

In a pivotal moment last year, Dolph Lundgren’s journey took an unexpected turn when he sought a second opinion from renowned oncologist Dr. Alexandra Drakaki in California.

During the consultation, Dr. Drakaki made a significant breakthrough by identifying a mutation commonly associated with lung cancer, which paved the way for a tailored treatment plan aimed at reducing the tumor size.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable, with the tumor shrinking by an astounding 90 percent. Remarkably, Dolph appeared in good health during the interview, donning a hospital gown. The full interview, scheduled to air later this month, promises to provide further insights into his inspiring journey.

While some of his contemporaries from the 80s may have faded into obscurity, Dolph Lundgren has managed to carve a different path, even if he ventured into direct-to-video content throughout the 90s. His resilience and refusal to be defined by setbacks serve as a testament to his enduring presence in the industry.

He recently starred as King Nereus in superhero blockbuster Aquaman and reprised the role for its sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Other credits include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Creed II, Arrow, and The Expendables series.

The Stockholm-born actor has two daughters with his ex-wife, Anette Qviberg, Ida Sigrid Lundgren, 27, and Greta Eveline Lundgren, 22.


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