These Are the Most Common Items People Leave Behind in Ubers


Uber’s seventh annual list of lost items is here — and it’s revealing everything from the most forgetful cities in the U.S. to peculiar items left behind in vehicles.

The most common items Uber riders forgot are generally things travelers hold in their hands and use habitually, according to Uber’s 2023 Lost & Found Index: clothing, purses, phones, and wallets, to name a few. Smaller things — like jewelry, headphones, and keys — were also among the top most frequently lost items.

Though not as common, riders across the country have also left behind more unique possessions like a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, an ankle monitor, a lightsaber, a Tamagotchi, a fog machine, and even a real-life pet dog and a pair of turtles. (The animals were all safely reunited with their pet parents.)

“As you get going this summer, try to remember your belongings when you exit the backseat,” an Uber spokesperson told Travel + Leisure. “In case you do lose a precious Danny Devito Christmas ornament, a beloved pet toy poodle, and fire swords, Uber is always happy to help return those items.”
Americans were more forgetful on some days over others: Saturday and Sunday topped the list, especially when it came to forgotten passports and groceries. April happened to be an especially forgetful month, along with (perhaps unsurprisingly) New Year’s Day.

As for the most forgetful cities, Jacksonville, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Palm Springs, California; Houston; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Miami topped the list.

Uber saw a spike in niche items left behind. This includes a “significant” increase in Disney- and Harry Potter-themed things like Minnie ears, Magic Bands, and magic wands. The rideshare company also found more than 70 Nintendo Switch devices this year, the most commonly lost gaming device, along with a swath of lost marijuana-related items — both medicinal and recreational.

The good news is if travelers do leave something important behind, they can take steps to retrieve it. The best way is to simply call the driver, according to Uber. Travelers can report it through the app by selecting the trip on which they lost something in the “Your Trips” section and tapping on “Find Lost Item.” If the driver doesn’t pick up the phone, Uber recommends riders leave a detailed voicemail describing the item and the best way to contact them.

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